Playing with Strangers – Session No. 9

Wow – These folks really brought it! They had the advantage of being able to meet a week beforehand and throw out some ideas – and it really shows!

A HUGE thank you to Nick Bubb for heading up the film crew and editing the promo piece! Its a lot of work – and it looks fantastic!

Playing with Strangers Session No. 9 – Consists of members of: Great American Train Wreck, Sam Cobra, Holy Pistola! and John “Pinetree” Paynich and the Yellin’ Degenerates.


Released December 18, 2018 

Dan White/ bass
Matt Furlong/ Guitar, Vocals
Stephanie Ward/ Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Violin
Chris Merten/ Drums
John Paynich/ Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Engineer/ Mike Sebring 
Assistant Engineer/ Chris Chesnutt and Wyatt Harbaugh 

Director and Editor/ Nicholas Bubb 
Cinematography/ Steven Guerrero 
Camera Operators/ Cameron Chou, Shane Leopard, Nicholas Bubb, Steven Guerrero

Event Manager/ Monica Alperovich 

Album Artwork/ Olivia Sua 

Mixing Engineer/ Mike Sebring 
Mastering Engineer/ Jack Endino

These are the bands represented by the musicians of Session No. 9

Great American Train Wreck

Sam Cobra

Holy Pistola!

John “Pinetree” Paynich