The Sessions

The artists and the bands they represent:

How does Playing with Strangers work?

Musicians from different bands are invited to Soundhouse to form a brand new band with the goal of writing, recording and performing an EP in roughly two days. We spend ½ a day setting up the studio (bearing in mind that there will be a live performance that will be recorded as well). The band then gets to work and has about 12 hours (ish) to reach the goal: write, rehearse and record 6 songs or about ½ hours worth of music, ready to perform on Saturday evening. At 8PM on Saturday evening we open the doors to our audience and at 8:30 the “band” performs all the material that they just wrote! The performance is recorded as well so that we (hopefully) end up with a “studio” version and a “live” version. Afterward the band takes a short break and they return to perform and record a totally improvised set - an audience favorite! Generally there is another session for the vocalists to overdub their vocals and occasionally something is fixed or added. The songs are mixed, including the improvised songs if deemed worthy, mastered and digitally released. Available on: Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Deezer

Playing with Strangers at Soundhouse

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The Crew

Chris Merten

Soundhouse intern/ Drummer PwS Session No. 9

Wyatt Harbaugh

Intern/ Drummer for PwS Session No.9

Nicholas Bubb

Film Lead, Intern

Mike Sebring

Producer / Lead Recording and Mixing Engineer

Chris Chesnutt

Recording Engineer and Curator of PwS No.5

Jack Endino

Mix Engineer (PwS No. 2) and Recording Engineer (PwS No. 7)