Playing with Strangers – Session No. 2

Playing with Strangers Session No. 2

There were still a lot of kinks to work out but recording-wise it went well.

Drums:  Matt Payne, from Lark vs Owl, STRKLLR

Bass:  Mike Sebring from When Giants Fall, Big Dirt, Green Chili GoGo Dust

The  guitarist scheduled to come in emailed me on Monday to tell me that he was not feeling well .. And Tuesday said he was too sick to be able to do it!

At this point I figured that Matt and I would do a bass/ drum/ keyboard thing. Chris Chesnutt was helping out with the engineering duties and suggested a guitarist from a band that he had just recorded: Thom Celica. The guy lived more or less across the street from Soundhouse.

Eh. At this point I wanted to make sure it that I could pull it off and having someone (a stranger!) I didn’t know come in could really derail things if he was the wrong kind of person. I voiced my concern. Chris had called him and said that the guy would be fine if it didn’t work and I asked him to leave. So … despite knowing I’d feel like a real jerk if I had to say no, I agreed to give him a try.

About 1/2 hour later Ricky DeLong walks in. Quiet and polite. Asks to use my Hot Rod DeVille amp (earning points in my book) and sets up.

About 10 minutes after jamming with him and I have a nice big smile on my face. It’s not just going to work. It’s gonna rock. Yes, indeed.

Please let me introduce to you, Ricky DeLong!

Guitar:  Ricky DeLong from Thom Celica

We fell into an early 70’s rock thing – a bit of a swing and really energetic, rockin’ and fun – I still like listening to this session!

These are the bands represented by the musicians in Session No. 2

Lark vs Owl


Thom Celica

Big Dirt

When Giants Fall

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